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Though I do not judge or hate on people who choose to be homosexual, I have been outspoken on my perspective on fake and ignorant “Christians” brutally attacking genuine and educated Christians who civilly disagree with the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage. Since America’s acceptance of gay marriage in all fifty states, countless individuals have been using an application to add transparent rainbows into their profile pictures on social media. For or against, most folks who have an opinion on homosexuality connect the matter to Christianity, which utterly contradicts the use of the rainbow as diversity to celebrate gay marriage.

Any competent person who has even skimmed through the Bible understands God detests homosexuality, resulted from the sinful nature of man. In the Book of Genesis, God creates the rainbow as a covenant between Him and Noah, that He will never again destroy all life with the flood of waters (Genesis 9:13-16). I spotted a girl’s photo of Gullfoss under a rainbow in Iceland on Instagram. She captioned the scene, “Even the nature agrees,” with a “#lovealwayswins.” Our Father, the Creator of the universe, formed this beautiful symbol of mercy, and ignoramuses reinterpret this sign into something He irrefutably opposes. I see innumerable “Christians” on social media using the rainbow the wrong way and dearly hope these people do not send the wrong message of Christianity to nonbelievers.