Society excessively values and emphasizes fame. Most people appreciate encountering celebrities and innately crave attention, and some even humiliate themselves just to be recognized. I have an obsessive personality, implying once I enter a realm I enjoy, I pour all of my energy and thoughts into the matter. This character has played both positive and negative roles, as I conquered every goal I set in life but was always imprisoned under unnecessary stress and anxiety. For roughly a year, I fell victim to a desire to meet as many famous individuals as possible; if I inadvertently missed an opportunity to chat or take a picture with a celebrated person, without even knowing what he or she has done, pent-up frustrations took over my head. Gratefully, after a series of prayers, I woke up and was alleviated from the juvenile issue. I consistently asked myself, “Why do I need to talk to these people, specifically ones I hardly know?” and, every time, I could only answer, “I don’t.” I instinctually involved myself in the war of superficiality, but working on set four times and partying with A-level actors in three months helped speed up the process of awakening to reality. In retrospect, I am genuinely embarrassed that I momentarily allowed a “fanboy” attitude to surmount my mind.

No offense.

No offense.

“Knowledge is key,” so I vaguely investigated on what made certain folks famous among the general public; I immediately discovered that due to the world’s accentuation on looks, the more attractive a person appears, the greater odds he or she has of becoming noticed. An active user of Instagram, which shares popular photos and videos in the country under “Search,” I examined what a couple of users have done to gain hundreds of thousands of followers. I looked up the first person, a charming teenage female, on YouTube. I instantly spotted a compilation of her Vines and hoped to be blown away by unique talent. Disappointingly, for the majority of the video, she simply dressed appealingly and lip-synched to well-received songs in her room. “Is that it?” I questioned. In essence, she earned hundreds of thousands of fans chiefly based on her appearance. The second user, a decent-looking adolescent male, comparably grabbed the attention of teenagers merely by amusingly dancing that requires no technique. Let’s not forget about today’s arguably most renowned celebrity, Kim Kardashian, and how she claimed her recognition.

Our culture encourages us to credit only people seen on television or the big screen and disregard those behind-the-scenes, which results in movie fans’ pursuing only actors instead of also directors, production assistants, makeup artists, and scores of others essential in the making of a film but are unseen. In fact, most unfathomably accomplished individuals who have changed lives I know are nowhere near as acknowledged by the general public as illustrious actors or musicians, proving success does not equal fame, and fame does not indicate success. We should focus on improving the world before obtaining superficial fame, as fame without purpose can vanish at any moment.